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The Charity Foundation
of Chichagovs' Noble Dynasty

  Our Foundation is a non-profit charitable institution. According to Foundation's Charter, its activities are financially supported by the funds formed from donations of private individuals and interested organizations (sponsors). Public control over the Foundation's activities is exercised by the Board of Trustees which consists of some state and public figures, distinguished scientists and humanitarians, priests and representatives of business circles from Russia and some foreign countries where descendents from Chichagovs' Family live.

The first President of the Foundation was Mother Seraphima, Abbess of Moscow Bogoroditse-Smolensky Novodevichy Convent (in life Dr. Varvara Vasilievna Chyornaya-Chichagova) and after her death Dr. Vladimir A. Yulin, a retired diplomat, was elected the President of the Foundation.

The efforts of the Foundation are directed to logistical support and practical realization of charitable programs and individual projects. Among them are: organization of research studies - on the basis of archive and museum materials-which allow for the reconstruction of historic truth in the role of outstanding representatives of Chichagovs' Dynasty in the history of Russia and other countries; publication of the results of such research; preparation for the publication of historical, philosophical, medical and theological writings of St. Metropolitan Seraphim (Chichagov), "Notes" (Diaries) of Admiral P.V. Chichagov, historic monographs by N.P. Chichagov and works of other representatives of Chichagovs' Dynasty.

With the support of the Foundation and its sponsors, the following publications were issued:

1. L.M. Chichagov. Conversations on Medical Subjects (in two volumes). Moscow. "RIA Avanti". 1999.1329 pages. ISBN 5-901162-01-3.

2. V.A. Yulin. The Chichagovs' Dynasty. Moscow. "RIA Avanti". 1999. 46 pages. Note: This publication was only the first attempt to summarize all available and rather incomplete information about the history of the Chichagovs' Dynasty. The brochure includes the following parts: 1. "From the Dark Forests and Bottomless Swamps… Where the Chichagovs' Dynasty Originated." 2. "At the Roots of the Dynasty." 3. "From Tsar's Valet (Stolnik) Ivan to Metropolitan Seraphim (Russian Branch of the Dynasty)." 4. "The Metropolitan's Daughters and Their Sisters-in-Law." 5. "The Admirals' Branch". 6. "The Chichagovs' Ancestors in France." 7. "The Finnish Branch." 8. "The Chichagovs' Descendants in Russia at Present." 9. "Broken Family Ties and Scanty Information." Annexed to the brochure are the Chichagovs' Noble Family coat of arms and the Chichagovs' Family Tree (chart).

3. P.V.Chichagov. "Notes" (Diaries). Moscow. Editorial Board of Almanac "Rossijskj Arhiv". 2002. 800 pages. ISBN 5-865-022-5.

4 V.A. Yulin. Seraphim Means 'Ardent'. The Earthly Life of St. Metropolitan Seraphim (Chichagov). Moscow. "Avanti". 2003. 66 pages. ISBN-5-901787-10-2.

5. V.A. Yulin. Varvara in Common Life, Seraphima in the Convent. Moscow. "Avanti" 2003. 46 pages. ISBN-5-901787-14-5.

6. V.A. Yulin. Admiral P.V. Chichagov: a True Patriot of Russia. Yaroslavlj. Publishing House "HozyaiN". 2003. 48 pages.

7. Thy Will Be Done. Hagiography and Works of St. Martyr Seraphim (Chichagov). Moscow. "Publishing House of Sretinsky Monastery". 2003. 812 pages. ISBN-5-9568-0001-1.

8. L.M. Chichagov. Chronicle of Seraphimo-Diveyevskij Convent. Nizhnij Novgorod. "Publishing House"Hristianskaya Biblioteka".2004. 725 pages. ISBN-5-88213-064-6.

9. V.A. Yulin. Not How many, But How Skilled: The Story of the Life and Victories of Admiral Vassily Y. Chichagov. Moscow. "Avanti". 2004. 65 pages. ISBN-5-901787-21-8.

Other interesting publications:

1. L.M. Chichagov. Diary of the Tsar-Liberator's stay in the Danube Army in 1877. Reprinted from the book published in 1877, supplemented and illustrated, with the introduction by a historian. St. Petersburg. "SANTIS" Publishing House, 1995. 518 pages.

2. L.M. Chichagov. What is the foundation of every science? Moscow, "Polomnik" Publishing House, 1996. Reprinted from the 1890 publication. 93 pages.

3. Joanna Woods. The Commissioner's Daughter. The story of Elizabeth Proby & Admiral Chichagov. Stonesfield. Great Britain: Stonesfield press, 2000. 255 page.

In order to read Russian books go here.

Sets of its publications were donated by the Foundation to various libraries in Moscow including the Russian State Library, the State Public Library of Russia's History, M.I. Rudomino All-Russian Library of Foreign Literature, the Library of the Central House of Scientists, the Central Scientific Library of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, State Museum of History. The Foundation's publications were also donated to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and New York Public Library in the USA, the School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, University of London, Great Britain, the University Library in Geneva, Switzerland, and Societe d'Histoire Locale, Sceaux, France.

The books written by St. Metropolitan Seraphim and published by the Foundation were sent as gifts to His Holiness Alexis II, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, several Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, and to the Moscow Bogoroditse-Smolensky Nivodevichy Convent, Svyato-Troitsky Seraphimo-Deveyevsky Convent of Nizhegorodskaya Diocese and Svyato-Uspensky Convent in Pyukhtitsa (Estonia).

The same publications were sent to Right Reverend Lavr, the First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad.

The next step in the Foundation's activities could be the preparation and implementation of the restoration of family ties between the Chichagovs' descendents living in Russia and those in other countries, organization of family reunions in Russia with a view to enable the Chichagovs to meet each other and familiarize themselves with the Foundation's activities in the way most acceptable to them.

A greater part of the Foundation's activities could be devoted to various measures to perpetuate the memory of outstanding representatives of the Chichagovs' Dynasty. These measures may include a construction of a monument (or a chapel) to Chichagovs' Dynasty in Kostroma, the Chichagovs' birthplace, organization of museum expositions, installation of plaques in memory of our famous ancestors in the places associated with their activities, etc.

The reality of our life does not always match our plans. But we should not be discouraged to give up our efforts. Just as bricks are made, then laid-end to end - to build the wall, so the efforts of our like-minded relatives will result in building a structure in memory of our great ancestors. We address those who share the aims our Foundation is to attain and those who support its activities and plans for the future.

Please give us a helping hand in filling the gaps in the history of the Chichagovs' Family, share with us the documents and photos from your family archives to enable us to make corrections in our publications or to make up a deficiency in them, send us your suggestions on how the Foundation's activities could be improved.

It is no secret that without the financial support of our sponsors and those who share the Foundation's aims we could hardly be able to achieve the little which we have managed to do during the years of our Foundation's existence. As a non-profit organization, our Foundation will not exist a day longer without such an assistance which we greatly appreciate.

Those who are willing to support financially the Foundation activities are kindly invited to get in touch with us.

"Every attempt to unite people in a good deed is blessed by God"

These words are from His Holiness Aleksiy II, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. They inspire those of us who participate in the Foundation's activities, and assure us that we are on the right path to do what is needed for the people.


© The Board of Directors of the Foundation, 2014. © V.A. Yulin, President, 2014